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Joining geniuses with shared experiences and Edu-tainment™
Through our 5 pillars of modern health and wellness, we seek to empower our conscious community.
Whats your genius: Questionnaire
A Podcast With A Mission
Leveraging good old-fashioned sharing & wisdom from one family to another.
Re-Write your Own Story
Find your tribe, and heal across all levels of wellness.
Gain Awareness
Bringing collective wisdom together into a global family, a community of wellness seekers.
Fill the Void
Your medium to become a genius in all 5 pillars of wellness.
We are... Crowdsourcing Miracles
A catalyst for change to amplify the human experience with transformative and refreshing experiences that inspire and connect all of us on every level.

Through our global tribe, we’re cultivating a community of like-minded wellness seekers, led by a diverse team of experts in the health and wellness space. We’ll provide the resources, tools, and support to encourage our community to live an abundant, limitless, and joyful life full of possibility and wonder.

The 5 Pillars of Modern Wellness
At the end of the day, all of us just want to vibe. To be with people we love, serving our community, enjoying the finer things, growing our businesses, learning, and having new experiences.
Through our 5 pillars of modern health and wellness, we seek to empower our conscious community; connecting us through physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, environmental, career, and community levels.

Meet Michelle Patterson

When told she had 90 days to live, her quest to survive revealed what is meant to THRIVE.

Michelle Patterson is the leading advocate for modern, holistic health and wellness. When faced with a grim diagnosis, she chose to surround herself with a massive support system, helping her heal across all levels of wellness – our 5 pillars.

Now, during this time of global awakening, Michelle and her WTF (Wellness Team Family) are becoming conduits for others to find balance and abundance in their 5 pillars. Through connecting genius, educational and inspirational podcasts and more.

Meet the Crew
Conner Kupferberg

Director of Media

Rose TaFoya

Director of Events

Lily Stearns
Lilly Stearns

Director of Programming

Shannon Mackey
Shannon Mackey

Director of Marketing

  • Kim Kovacs

  • Roger Clawson

  • Lisa Varga

  • Scott Duffy

  • Monique Nadeau Landgridge

  • Cynthia Kersey

  • Kathy Cristafi

  • Mark Prynn

  • JV Crum III

  • Maryam Atighechi

  • Ian Mitchell

  • Bob Quintana

  • Kathryn Ford

  • Liliana Partida

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