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April 15th, 2019 last year I was told I had 90 days to live and I made a decision that I would show up in love for myself and not fear. I would bring 100% joy into all aspects of my life to heal and I would share through the Real Share platform what I learn along the way. That decision led me to have my best year on the planet rolling into celebrating my 50th birthday.

When you have a WTF moment which is what I had when I received the diagnosis of Stage-4 breast cancer I immediately built out my Wellness Team Family comprised of doctors, wellness providers, and geniuses who came together in collaboration. The Real Share platform is about coming together in love with no fear tactics, judgment, or stigmas to share what we know family to family. Join me on May 2nd my 50th birthday as we have the biggest LoveFest to hit the planet! Whose your plus one when you have a WTF moment and need to rely on your wellness team family? Let’s share who show up in love and joy!

‘‘We are so excited to invite you to SHARE AND RECEIVE THE LOVE and be a part of the Global Live-Streamed LOVEFEST 2020.

This is a new innovative way to SHARE content and interact with our world-wide family AND gain exclusive access to the launch of Michelle Patterson’s new jam!

“The Real Share” Huddle and Podcast.

Think of LOVEFEST 2020 as the virtual playground that brings together families for sharing, learning, connection and having FUN…EDU-TAINMENT.

Date: Saturday, May 2, 2020 beginning at 6:00am PST and will continue into Sunday morning.

There will be individuals and groups of masterminds sharing their valuable insights, options and genius within the 5 pillars of Health and Wellness based around Physical, Community, Social, Financial, and Career.

With microphone in hand, Michelle will spotlight her Patterson Playbook and her wellness team family. She will present the Real Share “You’ve Been SHARED Awards” to businesses, advocates, and thought leaders in the health and wellness fields and people who show up in love and not fear.

LOVEFEST 2020 will shine a light on LIVING LIFE which will include: artists, musicians, music, thought leaders, influential speakers, yoga, meditation, finance and business, inspiration and affirmations, storytelling, dancing, nutrition, happiness, passion, purpose, wellness protocols for dis-ease, healthy environments, science, sustainability, world changing practitioners, and much more.