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The empowering women of The Real Share community for Health and Wellness
We are not here to “sell” you any lotions or potions – all of us are past THAT!
We come from our heart center and are showing up on this planet to SHARE what is actually working all over the globe. Explore techniques and methods pioneered by our vetted industry thought-leaders and our amazing conscious community.
Health and wellness is never a one-size-fits-all scenario. If a podcast, blog, or something mentioned on the Private Facebook Group rang true to you and your family then please share. If there was a SHARE of how you can partake, then please do. This is how we are crowd sourcing miracles.
If it worked for you and yours, then please come back and SHARE it with other beautiful families across the globe so we can keep the momentum growing, we’re all in this together.
5 Pillars Modern Health & Wellness Geniuses.
RECOMMENDED Physical Wellness:

Why we love: Online trainers that not only help you become fit & healthy… but also HAPPY! By creating a cheerleading community for you, they will be there for through different stages in your life and every step of the way. They have many free resources, so try them to see if they are a fit for you.

Sharing is caring: Check out their recipes and nutrition page on their website. Their Instagram is also full of motivation for all babes!

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Why we love: Follow this woman, she is our hero! If you’re blessed enough to live in the Orange County area, watch and wait to join in on her different events. She truly offers a wealth of free inspiration and information.

Sharing is caring: Oh my gosh, if you follow her Instagram Live, you will get so many free recipes, inspirations, and direction daily. We can’t get enough of her!

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Why we love: Family owned-and-run clean superfoods and supplements you can trust.

Sharing is caring: They share through an educational blog and also have a specials and incentives section on their website.

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Why we love: 21 Guinness World Record Holder for extreme cold physical feats. Wim’s motto is: “What I am capable of, everybody can learn”. With his Wim Hof Method, he teaches people from all over the world, including celebrities and professional athletes, to control their bodies and achieve extraordinary things.

Sharing is caring: We recommend you get to know his work by listening to his podcasts.

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Ben GreenField
Visit Ben's website

Why we love: Named one of the greatest personal trainers, Ben offers awesome fitness hacks. Has an amazing “Longevity” course through “Mindvalley” especially for people 40 and older.

Sharing is caring: If you sign up for his email, you can get his latest health, fitness, biohacking, anti-aging tips, and a podcast delivered straight to your inbox.

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RECOMMENDED Emotional & Spiritual Wellness:

Why we love: This is our brain health guru! Check out the resource page. Read his blog, watch his videos, try a meditation. This will change your life 😉 

Sharing is caring: Watch his educational videos to understand his brilliance on learning how your brain works and how to heal yourself on every level of life. 

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Why we love: She will help you create the next most amazing chapter of your life. This is abundance in the 3 key areas of your life:

  1. Your Health & Well-Being and Maintaining Youthfulness
  2. Your Relationships
  3. Your Time & Money freedom!

Sharing is caring: Go to her website and sign up for her “Free Daily Affirmations”.

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Why we love: She is a 100% authentic voice to help everyone from all walks of life to have less anxiety in minutes and learn how to step into abundance.

Sharing is caring: Get your hands on her free training resources

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Madisyn Taylor
Visit DailyOM's website

Why we love: We are obsessed with this enlightened woman. We love how she shares so much through her inspiring daily emails and affordable course offerings.

Sharing is caring: Get her free book “DailyOm Free part 1: Learning to Live“.

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Why we love: Aubrey is the founder and owner of Onnit supplements, fitness equipment, and apparel. He also hosts a Podcast I LOVE!! Mostly spiritual, but also business, health, and fitness.

Sharing is caring: Go to the website for your free downloads: “10 QUESTS IN THE GAME OF LIFE” and “5 Things to Achieve Before You Die”.

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Why we love: Peter is a giving soul and a mind architect. He is a writer, speaker, and thought leader in human potential who works with world-class entertainers, professional athletes, and global organizations to achieve mental peace and physical vitality.

Sharing is Caring: Sign up for his free newsletter to start getting one of the most thought driven content on the planet 😉

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RECOMMENDED Financial & Career Wellness:
Why we love: Chris is one of the most giving financial experts we have come across. He has such wide span of knowledge from the genius with a new idea to the accomplished entrepreneur ready to take on the world 😉
Sharing is caring: Just start listening to his podcasts and be ready to take mad notes!
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Why we love: They are like having a pumped-up educated friend to help you every step of the way for all boss babes. They have one of the most quality sources and support we have seen to date!

Sharing is caring: Go to the site for free podcasts and articles on a lot of different inspirational topics that will keep you coming back for more!

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Why we love: Ok, seriously, Scott is not only a plethora of knowledge on mostly all pillars, but he is also super driven to truly help people live their dreams through entrepreneurship. He uses his many channels and programs to serve as a catalyst for creating breakthroughs in your life and business. He leads the conversations that spark new ideas, innovations, and help the world’s top entrepreneurs and innovators achieve exponential growth. He is the definition of inspiration!

Sharing is caring: Go to his YouTube to get to know him and be educated by his videos. You can also visit his website for a free download, “Unlock your Full Potential”.

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Why we love: No matter if you’re a student, a seasoned executive, or a struggling entrepreneur, you’ll find a lesson of value from David that will help you enjoy the consistent, persistent pursuit of your potential. On top of being an incredibly down to earth, nice guy, his life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy. Sign me up! 😉

Sharing is caring: Go to his website for a free course, “Game-Time Decision Making: The Course” and a free book!

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Why we love: She helps women completely align their whole life, pretty much hits all pillars as you dive into her message. You can tell she truly cares about her TRIBE and is 100% real with you to gain complete wellness. Love, love, love her and her team!

Sharing is caring: Go to her website for free podcasts, recipes, workouts, and more!

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Why we love: He is an author, philanthropist, venture capitalist, businessman, coach, and more. His show covers every topic from financial, spiritual, health and wellness, and psychedelics.

Sharing is caring: Go to his website for Tim’s free “4 – Hour Workweek” PDF and sign up for his podcasts!

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Why we love: She is an incredible empowerment leader and speaker who provides “EDventures”, training, and events that empower, connect, and support women, entrepreneurs, and team-building for businesses.

Sharing is caring: Book an Empowerment Consultation Call with Rose.

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Why we love: From personal lifestyle tools to entrepreneurship, they offer so many no non-sense books, courses, memberships to help get you debt-free and financially healthy.

Sharing is caring: Go to the website to download their free “Every Dollar” Budget app.

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RECOMMENDED Social & Community Wellness:

Why we love: They provide educational courses teaching what regular education forgot. they have something for everyone to matter where you at in your journey of healing and wellness.

Sharing is caring: Subscribe to their Free Educational Podcasts

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What has worked for You? SHARE!

What has worked for You? SHARE!